… Where I’ve learned that humor is Nature’s preferred survival technique.


“Chris Bolgiano: The most famous unknown writer in Virginia.”

                                                       –  Ralph Bolgiano, Mildly Amusing Ranter

Dirt Is My Religion

Going “Back to the Land” in the 1970’s led me to 112 acres of degraded yet enchanting Appalachian forest.  Naturally, I focus my research, writing, hiking, and tree hugging on old growth, biodiversity, sustainable forestry, wildlife (especially cougars) and what it means to be an Appalachian Mountain woman. But nowadays, going “Back to the Land” has taken on a deeper, more personal meaning, and I find myself contemplating dirt in a new way.

Sunshine Is My Politics

Solar Power Chris

My passive-aggressive solar photovoltaic house powers my desperate attempts to find anything funny in the earth’s dire situation. We can no longer see even the tip of the iceberg of our environmental crisis, because the iceberg has melted.

Chris’ Writings That Have More Than Friends Reading Them: